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Body Massage or Spa Services

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Body Massage or Spa Services

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Body Massage or Spa Services

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Get Best Female to Male Full Body Massage Parlour & Spa Services in Delhi, NCR, Hauz Khas

Apex D- Spa & Salon has been a well known for its relaxation and peaceful service. We are leading spa and salon Centre in South Delhi also engaged in reputed service provider of full body to body massage in hauz khas and is inspired by ancient cultures with ideas to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. We have well trained and professional therapist which can not only give massage services but also they can give you the pleasure of feeling tension free mind. Our treatment concept merges various traditional therapies from every corner of world. These are combined with Apex D- Spa & Salon health and well-being philosophies. These exquisite therapies are ideally suited for today’s high pressure lifestyles.

Our spa specialists in customized treatment packages based on your individual needs, your body type and of course, your preferences of service taking . Every ingredient we use is carefully created and selected of brand names- from the exclusive mix of herbs to the hand-pounded powders, the pure essential oils to the fresh, organically grown fruits and flowers. So we can present you with the best that nature can offer at best and affordable prices.

Benefits of visiting a spa are well noted and appreciated by every customers who have already been here for full body massage in hauz khas and defence colony, and now every single person is either enjoying it alone or with there loved ones that revitalized the nervous system and helps to calm the mind and improves your total well being by professional therapist.

Every customer receives the highest quality treatments and comfortable environment for body massage in defence colony and ultimate lounge experience. “The environment will allow people to relax, rejuvenate and pamper themselves at the same time and enjoy the services. Apex D- Spa & Salon prides itself for consciously remaining a no machine spa working on the principles of touch therapy.

Compelling Apex D Spa Treatment for Depression

Full body massage in Delhi. We are putting forth a wide range of massage to fulfill customers require and give full delight to them. Our particular is Full Body Massage in delhi, Ayurvedic Massage in hauz khas, Swedish Massage delhi ncr, Full Body Massage in delhi, Foot Massage in south delhi, Deep Tissue Massage in delhi,Thai Massage in delhi , Sensual Massage in delhi, Balinese Massage with normally items and common oils.

Our items are additionally nature benevolent and we know clients? We regularly utilize foods grown from the ground items oil however in the event that some other item is required than we offer the same according to customers need. Very much qualified partners are with poise and pride. They generally prepared to help client with best service.

The Apex D Spa, High-Class Spa in Delhi/NCR. This is where you can really connect with yourself. The spa has distinctive kinds of medications - invigorating, purifying, enhancing, Native Indian style profound massages, worldwide profound massages and some more.

We are a best wellbeing and wellness giving Ayurvedic and Worldwide medicines. Our salon is committed to giving proficient items and services to our guest. We enjoy each service offered, creating them to your individual needs.

The premise of Ayurveda treatment is a procedure of sanitization and revival. As indicated by Ayurveda the collection of "Ama" or lethal substances in the body, years of terrible eating routine, powerless absorption and fragmented disposal of waste issue, lacking rest, contamination and stress prompt the irregularity of the Tri Dosha and the development of poisons, which can prompt sick wellbeing. Ayurveda is accepted as the most seasoned treatment on the planet. The present engineered way of life of current man has prompted numerous wellbeing dangers.

Full Body Massage With Steam Shower

Positively nothing is far more advantageous to appreciate than a magnificent female to male full body to body massage in delhi, Defence Colony, Lajpat Nagar all finished NCR as this is exceptionally superb sensitive relieving technique that could extensively lessen all the pressure and strains from your entire body.

In the event that you have endured torment inside your back, neck, head, leg, level region of one's entire body, along these lines wellbeing to entire body massage will undoubtedly dispose of all the proceeding with repressed awful vitality that lives around yourself.

Full Body Massage in Delhi

A full body to body massage is only a method for saying that the authority will massage your full body amid a massage. This incorporates your back, throat, bear zone, arms, legs, hands and feet. Most profound massages at spas will be full body massages.

There are two special cases - one is if it's an express service, simply half an hour rather than the typical 50 minutes or 60 minutes. All things considered the master may focus on one territory, as a rule back once more, bear region and throat, so you get more advantage.

Deep Tissue Massage in delhi

Profound Tissue Massage can separate and expel scars from past mischances. A predominant issue is that forced muscles can piece nutritious esteem and outside air from getting to where they have to go, and this will cause irritation that enables unsafe poisons to develop in your muscles. Deep Tissue massage treatment likewise attempts to split down grips that shape because of damage or significant issues. These bonds - which are territories of solid, agonizing tissue - can restrain your body's developments, avert stream and cause aggravation, bringing about agony.

Ayurvedic Body Massage in Delhi

Welcome to our ayurvedic massage review page! A decent Indian massage supplies appropriate dissemination, which permits our bodies develop and reestablish. Ayurvedic massage removes poisons and gives profound unwinding. Physically, it permits all frameworks of one's entire body. Rationally, it enables brain to unwind by expelling energies that store past pressures and passionate issues in our entire body.

Swedish Body Massage in Delhi

Apex D Spa focuses likewise offers Swedish massage service. This treatment is among the ones which are extremely relieving with smooth and long swings in beat. No one but specialists can draw out this massage compose totally with their tapping developments. It contains utilization of effleurage and rubbing with stroking Treatment.

Thai Massage in Delhi

A Royal Thai Massage in Delhi is a standout amongst the most prominent massages of massage done by Apex D Spa spa focus. It is joined with specific types of yoga activities to rejuvenate mind and prepare particular weight indicates all together discharge body framework stretch. The massage encourages in giving help to the muscles and viably levels out the arrangement of body framework.

Balinese Body Massage in Delhi, NCR

A Balinese massage treatment is performed on a tangle on a story or on a couch made for massage treatment. It works better if the expert can reach your skin however you can keep the majority of your articles of clothing on the off chance that it improves you feel. A Balinese massage treatment is a blend of an assortment of massage treatment procedures. It is firmly identified with Ayurvedic massage treatment ideas, the old Indian massage treatment for add up to body wellbeing and wellness.

Neck and Back Massage in Delhi, NCR

Discover awesome arrangements on Spa for Neck and Back Massage.

Foot Massage in Delhi, NCR

A foot massage brings down pressure, consequently lessening hormonal responses, as hot flashes experienced amid menopause. Constant torment in feet and legs: The muscles are casual amid a legs massage and the pressure expedited by spending a huge piece of your day on your foot is diminished. For somebody experiencing a surgery, a legs massage can help the body unwind and enable them to deal with soreness at a more fair level.

Our Services

Swedish Body Massage

Swedish body massage is a scientific & Best treatment by some systematic manipulations upon the human body.

Balinese Body Massage

It is 1000 thousand years old massage basically it is Asian massage like Tibetan, Chinese and Indian Ayurveda massage.

Lomi Lomi Massage

The early Polynesian settles brought their own form of massage and it evolved to become something uniquely Hawaiian.

De Stress Body Massage

De stress body massage intends to relieve or heal a disorder of human body As per survey more than 25% of American are stressful.

Aroma Body Massage

Especially proposed to propel stream, this warming blend of Aromatherapy massage fuses clove, sweet birch, rosemary and cypress.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage therapy is used by peoples to rejuvenate their body cells and reduce pain and stress from their life.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Luxuriate yourself by taking body spa services in Delhi where you may relax your body mind and soul apex d spa is good place for spa services.

Scalp Refresher Massage

Diminish in the tired tissues by taking full body spa therapies in Delhi, we have best young and beautiful therapists.

Excellent & Trained Therapists

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Our Price


Rs. 1500/-

  • 45 Minutes Full Body Massage
  • 15 Minutes Shower
  • Full Body Massage include Back Massage & Foot Massage


Rs. 2,000/-

  • 60 Minutes Massage
  • 15 Minutes steam & Shower
  • Full Body Massage include Back Massage & Foot Massage

Apex Specials

Rs. 2,000-2,500

  • 60 Minutes Massage
  • 15 Minutes steam & Shower
  • Full Body Massage include Back Massage & Foot Massage

Package Deals

Rs. 6,000/-

  • 3 Months (5 Hour)
  • Silver Package (Five Body Treatment)

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